We Brought Our Whole Team to Costa Rica!

We Brought Our Whole Team to Costa Rica!

Yes, you read that correctly. We took the entire Kino team to Costa Rica to build out our MVP product for the last 6 weeks. And, if we’re using Radical Candor… best decision ever.

Building the Kino Team 

Since the start of the pandemic many tech companies have implemented remote/virtual work structures. Many have maintained this choice and closed down their brick-and-mortar locations. There are numerous studies emphasizing the validity of remote work, so why didn’t we choose to build in a similar capacity?

A 2019 study by MetLife showed that offering employees the opportunity to work and live abroad boosts loyalty and retention. We knew that as a start-up building trust, loyalty, and having the opportunity to team build was imperative for our future success. So, we decided we wanted to build abroad, together.

When we began searching for locations we looked everywhere: from Mexico to Nicaragua to Utah to Montana. Our team is made up of diverse, multi-faceted individuals who all have a deep passion for film, and more importantly, storytelling. As we searched high and low for our perfect place to incubate, we zeroed in on Costa Rica.

Kino in Costa Rica

Costa Rica historically has been known for coffee and tourism, but like all of us on the Kino team, Costa Rica continues to reinvent itself over and over. (And boy, do we LOVE a good heroes journey!)

After focusing on economic growth and development, the Costa Rican government has pushed their efforts into tech and education for the last few years. Costa Rica is officially being coined the “Tech Epicentre of Central America.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Costa Rica was the perfect place for Kino to build (and Joseph Campbell WOULD agree.)

The Kino Team Goals 

We had the following goals when deciding to incubate together:

  • Heightened team building (with a healthy work/life balance)
  • Cultivating trust and loyalty so a hybrid in-person/remote work structure could be introduced post MVP
  • Intense focus with all hands on deck communication (no siloing in our various departments)
  • Cost savings (Yes, building in Costa Rica was cheaper than the whole team living/working in LA)

All in all, the fast-paced build of the Kino MVP was beautifully balanced by the Pura Vida outlook of Costa Rica. Add tropical temperatures, breathtaking beaches, lush green jungles, delicious food, rich and diverse culture… and it’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Have you ever incubated, built, or pursued extended travel with your team? We’d love to hear about it!

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