KINO is the new home to discover entertainment, built for the next generation of entertainment creators – from your favorite film & television, to favorite Creator Shows and Content. Our mission is to bring about equitability in entertainment, through more efficient and engaging technology. 

We have Community Guidelines to create a welcoming, safe, and entertaining experience. The guidelines apply to everyone and everything on our platform. They include rules for what is allowed on KINO, as well as standards for what is eligible for the Discover Feed (DF). To address new risks and harms, the guidelines are updated on an ongoing basis.

To help you read through the guidelines, we organize them by topic area, and highlight each rule in bold. Under each section you can click More information for definitions, examples, and clarifications to common questions. The examples do not cover everything (we are telling you this now so that you do not have to repeatedly read the phrase "including, but not limited to"). If you are ever in doubt about what to share, please remember to be kind and treat others the way that you would want to be treated.

Thank you for helping to keep KINO a welcoming space for everyone!

Content Moderation

Keeping our platform safe, trustworthy, and vibrant requires balancing creative expression and preventing harm. We use a combination of safety approaches to strike the right balance:

Remove content that we do not allow

Everyone who joins KINO has the ability to freely share content on the platform. However, we remove content--whether posted publicly or privately--when we find that it violates our rules.

Restrict content that is not suitable for youth

We allow a range of content on our platform, but also recognize that not all of it may be suitable for younger audiences. We restrict content that may not be suitable so that it is only viewed by adults (18 years and older). For more information contact

Make ineligible for the DF content that does not meet our recommendation standards

The DF is an opportunity to discover new content and reach new audiences, but it is not guaranteed that all content will be recommended. Content that does not meet our standards will be ineligible for the DF. 

Empower our community with information, tools, and resources

We want to make sure you have the right information to help you manage your experience on KINO. We may add labels, "opt-in" screens, or warnings to provide more context.